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SPID software

SPID is a user-friendly video software designed to help users in their video sampling of wildlife. Based on a strong user experience, SPID makes it very easy to count and identify species as they appear, while saving data over time.   


Data are typically videos of sampling associated with field information such as geographical positions or recording dates and depth. In SPID, you are free to import any video format. We let you make the best of SPID's features to analyze your own data. Play videos at desired speed, zoom in as necessary, identify organisms and export all results to share with other people or exploit them as you wish.



A -> Zoom and pan 

B -> Show the player in a different window

        Open label editor

C -> Identification slider

        Change the video speed     

D -> Observation table
E -> Counting and identification tool

F -> Save and end analysis

SPID generates all the results by a single click :

  • abundance per station / per species,

  • species richness per station,

  • maps of the results,

  • project summary report,

  • list of species observed,

  • details of the analyzes carried out for each video.


Additionally, during your video analysis, SPID provides you a basic drawing tool to:

  1. Point out a particular moment or individual (come back later to check an identification with expert, discuss a particular behavior, etc.)

  2. Export your own dataset of annotated image. You can then use this dataset in your own studies and development of image recognition algorithms (artificial intelligence).

Additional information / System requirements to use SPID at the moment :
Our software runs only on WINDOWS (XP or later), version 64 bits. It requires a PC with Intel compatible processor. 132 Mo are required for installation.

The license allows you to install the software on a single computer used by multiple users.

To install SPID you will required a basic internet connection. The software can then be used offline.
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