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our new interactive entertainment dedicated to aquariums that help visitors to find species and learn fun fact about them in real-time !
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Pictum is a connected, intelligent and interactive system for automatic recognition of marine species. It is a fun tool that allows a user to locate, identify and learn about marine fauna in real time.


In all aquariums, visitors typically have visual illustrations and descriptions of the main species present in the different tanks. These illustrations, called "cartels" [interpretative signs] are fixed near the tanks. Visitors use them to inform themselves and have fun finding the corresponding species in situ. In practice, visitors often find it difficult to make the connection between the interpretative signs and the fish present in the tanks. Our product makes it possible to digitize and modernize these signs, offering a new, fun interactive way for visitors to increase their knowledge of marine biodiversity.


Our strength is to offer a functional tool. Our technology is based on a patented solution to effectively train our species recognition algorithms. Our technology has been validated during testing carried out in the Aquarium des lagons de Nouméa and in the aquarium of Nausicaá – Centre National de la Mer giving species recognition performance close to 90%.

Here is a short demonstration video (2 min) from our first test with the Aquarium des lagons de Nouméa

Pictum is much more than a simple recognition tool
  1. Select your language.

  2. Click on the fish you are looking for in the list of species recognized by the app (image & name).

  3. Find and look at the species in front of you in real time.

  4. Learn a short unusual information on this species.

  5. Find more information on the species using the Qr Code (legal notices),.

How does it work ?
fonctionnement Pictum EN.png
How much does Pictum cost ?

PICTUM includes :

  • A fixed cost linked to the installation : IP camera and training of the solution on each species

  • + a monthly subscription : access to real-time and continuous processing of the video.

The installation cost is linked to the number of species trained.
To keep our high performance, our solution is camera specific (↗ 90% of confidence) -> we train each species specifically.

-> To date, the cost is fixed at 1950€ (≈2.190 USD) / species for the installation + a subscription of 470€ (≈505 USD) / month.

Take advantage of our 2 offers for the launch of Pictum!
pupitre Pictum isolé.png
Only 4 aquariums in the world
  1. Benefit of Pictum in preview (only for the 4 first aquariums in the world).

  2. Provide feedback on the user experience of the product (traffic statistics, visitor reviews).

  3. Get 15% off (1657,50€ (≈1861 USD) / species  and 399,50€ (≈449 USD) / month).

Priority customers
Pre-order the installation for next year
  1. Get Pictum in priority (limited to 10 aquariums).

  2. No feedback expected.

  3. Get 10% off (1755€ (≈1971 USD) / species and 423€ (≈475 USD) / month).

Order PICTUM today for your aquarium  !
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