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PICTUM: a real-time automatic fish recognition tool developed for aquariums
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PICTUM is a connected, intelligent and interactive system for automatic recognition of marine species. It is a fun tool that allows a user to locate, identify and learn about marine fauna in real time.


In all aquariums, visitors typically have visual illustrations and descriptions of the main species present in the different tanks. These illustrations, called "cartels" [interpretative signs] are fixed near the tanks. Visitors use them to inform themselves and have fun finding the corresponding species in situ. In practice, visitors often find it difficult to make the connection between the interpretative signs and the fish present in the tanks. Our product makes it possible to digitize and modernize these signs, offering a new, fun interactive way for visitors to increase their knowledge of marine biodiversity.


Our strength is to offer a functional tool. Our technology is based on a patented solution to effectively train our species recognition algorithms. Our technology has been validated during testing carried out in the Aquarium des lagons de Nouméa, giving species recognition performance close to 90%.

Latest new ! 

We have developed a live demonstrator in collaboration with Nausicaá – Centre National de la Mer to present PICTUM on streaming video during the 11th International Aquarium Congress from 30 October to 4 November 2022.

The objective of this demonstrator was to implement our technology on a live video streaming.  

At this stage, on two species present in one of Nausicaa's aquariums, we wanted to assess the ability of PICTUM to operate in live conditions: reception of the video stream on our server, activation of recognition algorithms according to the actions of the user and retransmission of the result to the user live..

Keep in mind that we still have to improve our product (fluidity, speed, quality) but with this demonstrator developed in just 4 weeks, you have a good idea of ​​PICTUM's capabilities.

>> Go on PICTUM live and play with our AI as much as you want!

Here’s a short demonstration video (2 min) from our test with the Aquarium des lagons de Nouméa
Order PICTUM today for your aquarium  !
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