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Have fun learning and studying fish with us !

VISIOON is a French Tech startup from New Caledonia specialize in image and video processing. Experts in marine biodiversity sampling, our solutions were initially developed to analyze videos from scientific fish sampling. Today, we have developed video software to save time and increase accuracy in this complex exercise. Our latest product, PICTUM is a real-time automatic fish recognition tool developed for aquariums.

Our solutions

We develop applications for species identification. All-in-one solutions, they allow to process all video formats and all types of organisms. To date, we have developed 2 different tools: software to analyze wildlife sampling videos dedicated to research institutes and environmental companies and a real-time automatic recognition tool dedicated to aquariums.

Nos services


SPID demo video.png

​SPID is a user-friendly software designed to help users to count and identify species on their own videos while saving data over time.


Visuel PICTUM LIVE.jpg

Connected, intelligent and interactive system for automatic recognition of marine species in real-time.

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